Why should your brand implement a loyalty program?

More than 60% of your revenue comes from your loyal customer base. Therefore, you should focus on

  turning visitors into loyal customers by rewarding their engagement.

Why shoud you choose ALLstore as your loyalty program?

75% of consumers want to be rewarded for their engagement beyond purchase.

ALLstore is the world’s 1st loyalty program that enables rewarding visitors for website engagement.

and rewards

Lead to more repeating customers.

Earn points for browsing

leads to more meaningful customer journeys.

Earn points for viewing products

leads to 40% more pages per visit.

ALLstore is 100% web-based, works on all devices and requires no app download.

Easy website integration. Install ALLstore within a few clicks and set up your campaign in minutes.

We have the best usability for every user.

Give your website visitors a reason to become a loyal customer.

The customer loyalty program for your website.

Turn your leads into customers.

Start interacting with your customers and increase their lifetime value.