Simple to use, encourages your customers to use website features and incentives purchases.

Core features

Manage the content of rewards and on-site notifications.

Match the program’s design with your corporate identity.

The system works seamlessly on all devices.

Set exciting rewards to turn visitors into customers.

Highlight products, content or any other exciting news on your website.

Get ALLstore

ALLstore Admin

ALLstore Admin

Manage the reward program


Match the design with your CI


Match the design with your CI

Ways to reward your customers

Points and rewards

Reward your customers for any website activity. From browsing to viewing products or inviting friends. 

Earn points for browsing

Website visitors earn loyalty points for being active on your website. Be sure that your potential customers stay and motivate them to purchase. 

= More conversions

Earn points for viewing products

Navigate your visitors through your website and show them all you want. Reward them with points to click on the products which you want to show. 

= More page visits

Earn points for inviting friends. 

Encourage your customers to share your brand with their friends. Word of mouth is the key to grow with your community. 

= Quality leads

Points for

For every checkout your customers get points. Be sure they will come again to your website.

= Repeating customer

Points for newsletter subscription.

The newsletter is one of your most important communication channels. Convince them to be a member of the newsletter subscription.

= More direct communication

ALLstore is 100% web-based, works on all devices and requires no app download.

Communicate with your website visitors via on-site notifications.

Communicate with your website visitors via on-site notifications.

Set up on-site notifications that reach your visitors directly. The ALLstore solution lets you choose between two types: break-point and time based notifications. The former are being displayed as soon as a user earned a specific amount of points. The latter are triggered by a time factor. Both can be personalized contentwise and visually.

Increase your customer life cycle.