We developed a white label engagement system that rewards customers for the time they spend browsing through your store.The more a prospect customer actively shops, the better discounts they can unlock.

ALLstore offers a new white label engagement program for online stores, which aims to establish a customer relationship while shopping.The concept follows a simple rule – reward the online shoppers for the time they spend browsing through the store. The more time they spend, the better deals they get.

How the ALLstore white label customer engagement system works

Prospect customers start collecting points for the time they actively shop in the store. At the end of the browsing session, the visitor can then unlock exclusive discounts, the shop offers. Of course, the more points they redeem the more valuable the discount they unlock.

Your shop visitors automatically collect “points” while browsing through your store.

After filling the shopping cart, they can unlock discounts depending on how much points they have.

Then the visitors become customers and simply redeem the unlocked discount code.

The engagement system can be tailored to your online shop.

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The engagement system can be tailored to your online shop.

Turn leads into customer.

Customizable Elements:

Create a special website overlay to catch your visitors attention and modify the engagement mechanism for a unique experience.

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Wolfgang Lehner
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COO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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